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A lighthouse to entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are legends in the making. They dream and execute. They are steadfast in their ambition. However, only 25% of new businesses stay afloat profitably to make it to 15 years and beyond. 

What starts off as a great dream and an executable idea, fizzles out no sooner than the entrepreneur is caught in the labyrinth of operations. The passion to innovate and drive change fades out in the first five years for at least half of them. Even a dedicated 24/7 effort to build the business in its formative years might not guarantee that it would sustain long enough before the entrepreneur burns out, and the big dream alongside.

Ensuring momentum to those dreams and aspirations, Slignbee handholds entrepreneurs in their respective ecosystems since day one.

Slingbee is a go-to guide for anyone who has an idea but does not know how and where to execute it. The operations can be challenging and mind-boggling, we understand. But decades of experience in running a successful enterprise have enabled us to learn the ropes.

Slignbee offers guidelines that go beyond what a business has to offer in terms of service, merchandise, or manufacturing. We take pride in the SWOT analysis of businesses. Each of our client’s requirements is unique and so is the solution that Slingbee has to offer. We understand the business concept before identifying and suggesting locations, vendors, and buyers. 

Slingbee helps with AI-enabled inventory management systems for its clients, and sets up order management, warehousing, and fulfillment centers for those businesses.  Slingbee helps businesses set up tools and systems in place for their human resource management, in addition to finance and taxation requirements. While an entrepreneur must bank on sound financial health to run a profitable entity, fundamental know-how of taxation laws is as important. 

With Slignbee as their lighthouse, entrepreneurs can be assured of a smooth sail.