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Grab a donut. Sip some coffee. Dig into some chicken. Now, you are good to go.

ChickCoDo is more than just a business of making great-tasting donuts, coffee, and chicken. It’s a culture.

Phoenix Nexus acquired Pennsylvania-based Coffee and Donuts chain ChickCoDo in 2021. At a time when America’s love for donuts ceases to ebb and stands in upwards of USD 7 bn, Phoenix Nexus aspires to get freshly made-to-order donuts in every American’s hands. And just to ensure an adrenaline rush among its customers, ChickCoDo would churn out freshly brewed premium coffees at its outlets, while dishing out fresh chicken platters to attack one’s hunger pangs during a busy day or evening hours.

From signature donuts to our cream donuts, ChickCoDo currently offers 24 different signature flavors. Bringing fun and excitement to the table, we even offer customers the choice to design their own masterpiece donuts!

The signature flavor donut choices do not just sound quirky, they are something that would bring amazement to our customers every single time. Our Carnival, Golden Monkey, Dirty Monkey, Just Peachy, Purple People Eater, the change-up, Maple Bacon, and Sexy will tickle your taste buds making you crave for more.

There is much more indeed. Our choice of eggs will baffle you as much. ChickCoDo serves cage-free eggs only. The Sexy Hen 8, The Gobbler 8, The Hog Wild 8, Hens Nest 8, Spicy Rooster 8, to name some, will leave you satiated and beefed up for the day. 

And then, there is chicken to complete the meal. Our chicken delight includes The Coop Sandwich 9, Cluck Around Town 10, What the Cluck?!10, Loaded Roosters 12, Wings 9, Tenders 9, and Factory Cut Fries 5, options enough to fill one up heartily.

ChickCoDo’ range of coffee includes American Coffee, Salted Toffee Marshmallow Latte, Butter Nut Latte, Creole Spiked Latte, Strawberry Dipped Mocha Latte, Banana Split Latte. We offer freshly squeezed lemonades too.