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Auto Spa

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A man who loves his car essentially loves himself. That is intense.

Cars are not just motorized wagons on four wheels. They are an expression of those who drive it. They define personalities. With this thought, Phoenix Nexus ventured into the automobile spa business in 2018 with the acquisition of 41-year-old car wash brand in the business, the Auto Spa Express. 

Auto Spa Express is not just about delivering cleanliness and aesthetics to an automobile, it is about how best it may look fresh and spotless, mile after mile. While car cleaning is the core concept of our business, we take pride in our unique Auto Spa Waterless Wash, a water-based chemical for car washing that uses zero water. While our fascination for spanky automobiles made us buy the brand, we are now in the process of giving thrust to this automobile care and clean brand in the region with a 360-degree makeover to how one perceives car care.

No matter whether you have gone car hiking, driven through dirt patches, mud, gotten bird droppings, oil, or grease on the exterior of your car body, we promise to scrub your car through without damaging the exterior, to ensure it looks spanky as before. For ultra-clean interiors of your car, Auto Spa Express Car Care’s Interior Premium Treatment does what normal wipes fail to achieve. Be it the accumulation of dust and grime on and inside the plastic or wooden interiors, or the fogging of mirrors and windows, we promise to deliver a pristine car once you opt for the interior premium treatment. For grooming the car interiors, we have Auto Spa Car Foam-It cleaner solution to make seats, windows, and dashboards spick and span, Auto Spa Car Spray Dresser for plastic and rubber parts, and Auto Spa Car Glass Cleaner for glasses and mirrors. We are passionate about shiny cars and when car paints begin to fade or lose their luster, we come to their aid. Oxidized exteriors are a painful sight and dull cars are no treat to the eyes. Auto Spa Car Care’s Power Shine is one proven solution to protect the gloss and shine on your car. 

And for a car’s underbody, that gets the maximum beating during a car’s lifetime owing to wear and tear caused by muddy water, potholed roads, stones, and other obstacles on the road, Auto Spa Car Underbody Treatments offers a long-term solution for issues related to corrosion and rust, increasing the longevity of the car and thus enhancing its resale value.

Auto Spa Express is not just about superficial makeovers to your car. We take care of its heart too! The Auto Spa Car Diesel Fuel System Cleaner employs a simple process to clean your engine’s fuel system off moisture, sticky polymeric deposits, hydrocarbon residue, and other impurities.